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  • Strength Training
  • Core Building
  • Body Composition
  • Body Fat Reduction
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Sports Performance Enhancement


"A Triptych is defined as a work of art that is divided into three sections. Being the founder and owner of Triptych Strength Training, I believe that a person’s health and well-being are that piece of art, and it consists of three aspects; STRENGTH, CONDITIONING, NUTRITION. By focusing on these, I help people gain the power to bring them together into one masterpiece. I have always been involved in athletics in one respect or another, from being a competitive tennis player, to a nationally ranked foil fencer throughout my teens, as well as competing in two natural bodybuilding competitions, placing 7th and 2nd respectively.  With these experiences behind me, as well as having worked under some of the best trainers nationwide, I know how to help people conquer the challenge of "getting fit" by making it simple, manageable, and fun!"

Tarquin focuses on fundamental strength building movements with correct technique and appropriate and progressive workout programs, along with conditioning routines and nutritional advising. With these techniques, he helps people utilize these tools to better improve all aspects of their lives. Improving sports performance, increasing core strength, better joint health including knees and lower backs, more mobility and flexibility as well as looking and feeling better, are all benefits of a strength and conditioning program with a manageable nutrition plan provided by Tarquin.

Outside of the gym, Tarquin loves pursuing his hobbies of snowboarding, exploring the massive outdoor playground otherwise known as the Bay Area, his newly acquired passion for golf, and spending time with his family (mom, sister, brother, two nieces and a nephew.)


  • Certified Personal Trainer - NSCA - National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist - NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist - NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Former 24HourFitness Master Trainer - Over 5,000 sessions serviced
  • Nationally ranked foil fencer - 5th in under 14 age group, top 20 through teen years


Tarquin helped me improve my speed, gain muscle tone and raise my overall fitness level. I had never placed in races before, but after working with Tarquin, I saw myself placing in the top 3 of my age group and sometimes in the top 10 overall female. Tarquin is more than a personal trainer, he is your partner, your biggest fan. He knows how to help you achieve more than you ever thought you could, while making the workouts fun. He is just AWESOME!!
As a middle aged guy putting on extra pounds and fighting blood pressure issues, I really needed to step up to get in better overall health. With Tarquin’s guidance, I lost weight, gained strength and was able to get my blood pressure in check. Overall, I feel in better shape now than at any other point in my life. I highly recommend Tarquin as your trainer.
I have been blessed with some great trainers over the years. Tarquin stands out as the best. Tarquin also helped create an eating plan that was right for me. I told him I am not much of a cook so he sent me a grocery list and easy recipes I can actually follow. If youare looking for someone who will help you, support you and motivate you without being intimidating, Tarquin is your man!