• Program Design - Full program focusing on balanced mixture of core, strength, nutrition, flexibility and cardiovascular efficiency
  • Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Outside + Extreme Sports Preparation: Snowboarding, Mountain-Biking, Rock-climbing and Surfing
  • Self Defense - Jiu Jitsu (no- gi), Basic Boxing Conditioning
  • Weight Loss + Weight Gain
  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness


Ross Steiner has been involved in a variety of facets of personal training since 2003 when he first became interested in helping people increase their fitness levels for functional purposes. Initially, Ross began by offering individual surf sessions to beginning surf students, but soon realized that in order to truly serve the needs of his clientele, he would have to increase his knowledge base.

In March 2005, Ross received his NASM CPT certificate and was contracted by Crunch Fitness soon thereafter. Throughout his tenure at Crunch, Ross was fortunate to participate in a myriad of professional development opportunities, such as Promise Kickboxing certification, TRX systems as well as Powerlifting. These ongoing opportunities served to increase Ross’s knowledgebase and diversify his repertoire as a personal trainer. In December 2009, Ross attained his USAW club coach (Olympic style weightlifting) certification as well as becoming a BFS certified strength and conditioning coach. Ross is also the strength and conditioning coach for the football team at Mission High.

Around this same time, Ross also began to develop an interest in how fitness and nutrition were complimentary processes. Through a combination of internet research and nutrition publications, Ross began to create a personalized nutrition system that would allow himself and his clients to take advantage of his personal training services. By combining certain key protein and complex carbohydrates in specific time intervals, Ross began to see consistent results with his own fitness levels, as well as with clients who followed this regime carefully.

In addition to his studies at Crunch Fitness and his self development around nutrition, Ross also became certified to teach Post Partum fitness and was contracted to conduct Baby Boot Camp classes in both Dolores Park and Crissy Field with post natal mothers interested in getting back in shape.

To date, Ross teaches seven classes a week with an average of five to ten mothers in each class. Each session is designed to meet the unique demands of the clients that attend the class and no two classes are the same.

Ross treats each client as an individual, beginning with a comprehensive pre assessment in order to design a unique fitness program tailored to the client’s current fitness level, areas of strength and need as well as their fitness goals and timeframe available to reach these goals. Programs are monitored closely throughout the training sessions and adjustments are made as needed.


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 


I highly recommend Ross. I’m a person that has had trainers in the past but have always gotten injured one way or another...This hasn’t happened with my workouts with Ross and I am grateful that I am getting great, sweat producing workouts without any injury. Plus, Ross is a great guy. What more could you ask?
Ross takes the time to understand what your goals are and customizes your workout to help you reach your goals. He also is great at helping to keep you accountable to your goals. Each workout session includes a post-workout summary that is emailed to you with a 1-5 score of how you did. I find this to be a motivator and there are times that when leaving I will tell him “that was a 5 star workout.” I find this to be a motivator during the workout because I always want the top score. Ross worked with Stanford football so you can get a full body training type of workout if that’s what you’re looking for or you can get a more traditional “put on muscle” type of workout.
I’ve trained with Ross (2-3x a week) for the last several months; the results exceeded my expectations. Ross has a broad range of exercises that build strength, tighten muscles and increase your metabolism. His workouts hit muscle groups from different angles and he structures the program in a way that the workouts are incredibly productive, focused and well, the time flies.