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Johnny began working in the fitness industry shortly after moving to San Francisco in 2010 and graduated with a BS in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University in 2014. It all started with the yearning to know and understand the way his body and his mind worked together to shape his world. He always told himself  “If I am going to live in this body for the rest of my life, I want to know everything there is about it; How does my body work? Why does it function in this way? How can I optimize my body to ensure a long & healthy life?" This curiosity allows him to continually learn and study both the physical and metaphysical aspects of life. 

 Being a former athlete, dedication comes naturally to him and he believes that anyone can accomplish their goals if they are willing to be patient with himself or herself and stay focused on the reason WHY they truly want this change. Perhaps, more than physically training his client, Johnny’s expertise really flourishes when it comes to working through internal blocks. Johnny’s ability to be fully present and non-judgmental goes a long way when working with his clients. His trained eye to see the bigger picture and compassionate nature always reassures everyone that they are exactly where they need to be for the moment and to trust the process when it comes to making a lifestyle change or accomplishing fitness related goals. His adept way of explaining the science behind his training programs allows his clients to easily relate the concepts they are learning to their everyday life. One of his clients called this “sound bites of wisdom” and it truly is that. Blending the mindset of an athlete with the open heart of a Buddhist monk, Johnny’s training style is no short of profound perspective and exercise-induced elation, meaning you’ll leave his sessions thinking differently while feeling and moving better than

 Johnny’s training style is a mixture of functional movements with an added bodybuilding perspective. This allows him to look at his clients overall aesthetic and body symmetry while also implementing core or foundational movement patterns. In this way, clients learn to move their body efficiently while also being able to target specific muscle groups to bring out definition and detail.


  • BS in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University


I started training with Johnny in July of 2013; I had just gotten engaged and had gained about 20 pounds from a job that required me to travel every week. I was not only looking to get in shape for my wedding but also get back on track for a healthy lifestyle. I was a college athlete and thought that I knew everything there was to know about working out. I certainly was wrong! I met with Johnny twice a week for almost two years and found the results to be amazing! Not only did he tailor make workouts for my goals but he also assisted in my overall diet and nutrition. In addition to that, he provided the necessary mental coaching when I had my “plateau” periods and/or had moments of weakness. I not only felt fabulous on my wedding day, but I lost a total of about 20 pounds, lowered my body fat by about 7% and dropped 3 jeans sizes. I am in better shape than I ever have been in my entire life. Most importantly, I’ve maintained that weight loss for almost one year now. That was the most important factor for me; I was not simply on a crash diet or wedding diet; I was working towards a healthy lifestyle.
In a part of the world in which “uniqueness” is perhaps a bit exaggerated, he brings an extra ray of light...How he does this may be unexplainable!!! I owe him my life because that is what he’s given back to me. Thank you so much Johnny!” Johnny is not just a personal trainer running you through a set of exercises. He understands how the body works and the nutritional needs for you to meet your own fitness/weight loss goals, he is there every step of the way to ensure you reach them.His best quality is himself. He is a kind and authentic man that truly cares about his clients and the community at large. He is professional, dedicated, very well organized, motivating; sometimes even funny. And his approach worksThe thing I like most about him is how he listens to my aims and priorities with all his wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise and devises a continuously changing and challenging program that combined with his easy-going manner and sense of humor feels more like fun than hard work. He is completely open to your own input and suggestions, but will steer you in such a way that you are achieving much more than you thought possible. His infectious enthusiasm will kick-start your own virtuous circle of increased energy levels, noticeable results and the (almost) effortless incorporation of regular exercise into your everyday life.
I am fortunate I have had the opportunity to work with Johnny. He is straightforward, but at the same time he is very intuitive and caring in his approach. He helped me in building my consciousness. With coaching I was able to address issues that were holding me back from being who I really wanted to be and living the life I wanted to live. Johnny provided me with the tools and practical steps to help make some important changes in my life. I will always be grateful for that!