To achieve ultimate success in the fitness industry, it is essential that individuals master the business, as well as the health and exercise aspects of the job.

The DIAKADI Intern Program is a ‘Build Your Own’ Curriculum which focuses on developing the concepts of fitness performance training while mastering the key elements and systems necessary for being a successful entrepreneur and small business owner.  Interns work one on one with management and side by side with our Business Assistants on projects ranging from marketing campaigns and differentiation, to event planning, financials and new business development

Each DIAKADI Intern is empowered with full ownership of their projects from start to finish in order to guarantee the transfer of knowledge and to better develop their confidence in practicing all newly learned skills and tools.



Not only is DIAKADI a 5-star training facility, but they also offer an amazing internship program that I have been privileged enough to be a part of. DIAKADI provides interns with a well-rounded business development program partnered with high quality hands on education. For example, in my educational one on ones with Billy, Mike and Gina, we walked through detailed assessments, case studies, and the most efficient ways for tracking client progress and results electronically. Gina has also helped me to build out my own website to bring in new clients to my practice.

In addition, I’ve participated in the DIAKADI sub-program where I have substituted for Billy in training his clients while he is away. Their combined 43 years of expert personal training knowledge and experience has been invaluable in my growth as a trainer. The training staff is very friendly and supportive, especially to those that are hungry to learn more. Working side by side with the Business Assistants has allowed me to better understand and appreciate the operational side of owning a business. Hats off to DIAKADI’s hard work, creativity, and support of new trainers. Overall my experience with the internship has been fantastic and I would highly recommend it to others.



(Graduated to becoming a DIAKADI trainer)

I had a great experience in the mentorship program. The one-on-ones with Gina and Mike were super helpful and productive. Just being here surrounded by all this knowledge and positive energy was really inspiring. It was awesome that I got to choose the things to work on based on what I wanted to learn and my passions. The flexibility in hours and tasks was super great for me at the time.

I think the best parts of the internship were interacting with the trainers here, getting to know their style of doing business, how they build programs, specific exercises, and bouncing ideas back and forth.



(Graduated to becoming a DIAKADI trainer)