• Functional Movement
  • Olympic Lifts
  • Advanced Cardiovascular fitness
  • Muscle Building
  • Fat loss


 Elijah has always had a passion for sports performance.  In high school he was a state champion sprinter, football player and wrestler.  He always paid attention to what his coaches had him do and was always curious why.  When track and field led him to Chico State University, the natural progression would be to study what he loved.  That was exercise physiology.  With a degree in exercise physiology and many years of practical experience, Elijah possesses a unique ability to understand both the theoretical and practical application of sports science and how that can be applied or adapted to any client.  After college Elijah began his career as a personal trainer at a high end corporate gym.  There he learned the most important practices that make a personal trainer a true professional. Including advanced program design, punctuality, professionalism and great motivating abilities.  

Elijah continually builds upon his knowledge base and is certified in ViPR, KettleBell, pre-post natal, ACE, NCSF and many others.  Beyond lettered credentials, Elijah constantly keeps his finger on the pulse of fitness distinguishing fads from principles to help guide his clients through the mess that fitness marketing can be.  Elijah believes in keeping an open mind so that when new discoveries are made, to get the extra edge, he can adapt them to fit his clients' needs instantly. For fun Elijah likes to run, lift weights, blog, read research articles, hang out with his nephew and hang out with his Fiancé.  The primary motivator for expanding his fitness and knowledge right now is Spartan Racing.  With seven years training experience, Elijah has worked with many types of clients with many types of goals.  It is likely Elijah can help a client achieve any goal they have. 

Image by BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series

Image by BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series


  • BS in Exercise Physiology Chico State University  
  • EFTI (Equinox fitness training institute tier III)
  • ViPR, Kettlebell, Pre and Post-Natal Certifications


I’ve trained with Eli on a regular basis over the past two years both in San Mateo and in San Francisco. He is an excellent trainer. Eli keeps me challenged and motivated by staying engaged in each workout - the workouts are varied and adjusted as needed. The best part isn’t the progress I notice in the gym but outside the gym whether it’s helping a friend move a couch or accelerating up a hill 4 miles into a run!
Eli is an excellent personal trainer. He is very knowledgeable about the latest exercise science and tailors my programs to account for past injuries and weaknesses. I highly recommend him.”