Here at DIAKADI we wanted to create an intersection between life-art and aesthetic-art. The result? Just take a look at our walls. Enter DIAKADI GALLERY. DIAKADI not only appreciates craftsmanship of the human body, but also artistry that appears on a canvas. That’s why we proudly feature the works of different, local artists right here on our walls-- showcasing their unique, dynamic, and sometimes abstract pieces. Every three months we spotlight a new artist, because why not? Change is good - only through innovation and transformation can we achieve self-betterment. 

The next time you come to DIAKADI, we welcome you to take a moment, step back and observe the wall art. Mull your thoughts, reflect, and be inspired. And if you become particularly attached to a piece, you don't have to come all the way to DIAKADI to enjoy it. In true art gallery fashion, all pieces are also for sale.