Here at DIAKADI we wanted to create an intersection between life-art and aesthetic-art. The result? Just take a look at our walls. Enter DIAKADI GALLERY. DIAKADI not only appreciates craftsmanship of the human body, but also artistry that appears on a canvas. That’s why we proudly feature the works of different, local artists right here on our walls-- showcasing their unique, dynamic, and sometimes abstract pieces. Every three months we spotlight a new artist, because why not? Change is good - only through innovation and transformation can we achieve self-betterment. 

The next time you come to DIAKADI, we welcome you to take a moment, step back and observe the wall art. Mull your thoughts, reflect, and be inspired. And if you become particularly attached to a piece, you don't have to come all the way to DIAKADI to enjoy it. In true art gallery fashion, all pieces are also for sale. 

ARTIST TESTIMONIALS. When DIAKADI first contacted me about showing my work I was quite skeptical. My first thought was that a gym was not an ideal place to show my work but I could not have been more wrong. When I walked into the beautiful loft like space, met the people who work there and learned about their clientele I changed my mind and I’m so grateful I did! Once the show was up I received a lot of positive feedback, including requests for commissioned works, one of which I’m presently working on. The people who work at DIAKADI were incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the entire experience and I really appreciate all their work and professionalism. It was an amazing experience and I hope to show my work there again in the future.