• Weight Loss
  • Functional Movement, Core, and Strength Training
  • Postural Correction and Pain Management
  • Holistic Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Individualized Program Designs
  • Yoga


Originally from Georgia, Andrew grew up participating in different sports including high school football and competitive swimming. Andrew's passion for fitness developed over time as he experienced his family's health problems and found himself struggling with his own weight. After some drastic lifestyle changes and losing nearly 70lbs, Andrew began exploring different aspects of health and fitness. He started working at Urban Body Fitness in 2007 where he developed a consistent yoga practice, weight training and group fitness routine. Here he worked alongside personal trainers and Yoga and Pilates instructors building on his knowledge of the fundamentals of exercise science.

Andrew left Atlanta in 2011 searching for adventure and a greater meaning to his life. Following his passion for good food, physical fitness, and the outdoors, Andrew wound up in San Francisco. Shortly after relocating, Andrew's father died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Despite the terrible circumstance, Andrew was inspired to help others find optimal health and happiness so they could live long happy lives. He began his personal training career soon after, and hit the ground running. 

Inspired to take on new challenges, face fears, and find exercise in everyday life, Andrew began incorporation rock climbing into his fitness routine. Over the next few months Andrew improved his climbing skills and conquered his fear of heights. Unfortunately later that year he suffered a traumatic spinal injury while bouldering. Unwilling to let this set him back, he remained positive and focused on his passion.  Studying exercise science from home, rehabilitation his body, setting out goals for his new career and building Tough Monkey Fitness.

Andrew is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and works alongside top industry professionals at DIAKADI. Incorporating circuits and natural body movements, he focuses on dynamic functional training, holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching to complement a well-rounded fitness regimen. He brings his past disciplines of yoga and swimming as well as his experience with weight loss and personal injury to share with his clients. Andrew is inspired to create an open environment to produce meaningful change in all aspects of his client's lives. 


Out of three experiences I’ve had with trainers, I can honestly say that Andrew was the only one to earn me compliments from coworkers. Andrew was totally flexible with my schedule, and had a habit of beating me to the gym for my ridiculously early morning sessions. The option of working out in the park or in the gym was a huge added bonus. Andrew uses Evernote which made it easy for him to share my notes and past workouts with me to use on my off days. He is the type of trainer who constantly tries to better himself and his practices o suit his clients. Makes me totally rethink giving my money to corporate gyms from here on out.
I worked out with Andrew for almost a year until I moved out of San Francisco. I first joined his group class and found them fun and productive. After that I wanted a more tailored workout for my core strength and flexibility, so I bought his private sessions. I noticed an impressive improvement in my body after the first month, and from there it only got better. Andrew is a very professional trainer, very knowledgeable and dedicated. He pushed me a bit more in every session, and the results were amazing! He has a great attitude and is really fun to be around. If I ever come back to San Fran, Andrew is my #1 contact for sure.