Education is Priority

We view the learning process as infinite. DIAKADI is a leading educator, bringing inspiration and cutting edge knowledge to our trainers and clients. We bridge the gap between the education level of a physical therapist and that of a personal trainer, setting the bar for the industry’s standard of what to expect from training sessions.

Powerhouse of Professionals

DIAKADI actively recruits the most results driven health practitioners and wellness experts in the industry to create a powerful knowledge sharing community and ‘dream team’ within our practice as well as to accelerate the success of our clients. 

Intelligent Individualized Programs

DIAKADI is a leader in performance training for generations of people from all walks of life. We believe that every decision made throughout the day has a direct impact on an individual’s health and body. Therefore, our job is to precisely match each DIAKADI client to their ideal coach who will fully assess their body and lifestyle, then provide them with the proper tools for making the most informed and healthy decisions in their workouts as well as all areas of their lives.

An Industry Role Model

DIAKADI strives to be exceptional in all business realms – inspiring advancement in the fitness and wellness industry, becoming a leader and developer of expert health practitioners, and providing memorable customer service to clients.

Inspiring Environment

Our facility is a stylized, well designed athletic space with an energizing environment and a focus on open space, maintaining a natural feel and promoting green living.