Exercise and movement is a small part of healthy living and we want to help clients from all aspects. That is why we have a group of DIAKADI Trainers that also address nutritional needs. With their nutritional degrees and holistic coaching certifications, our trainers will assist you in your goal of eating right. 

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    MV Nutrition is a nutrition clinic in downtown San Francisco that empowers people to make the necessary lifestyle changes for a longer, healthier life. Nutritional coaches at MV Nutrition provide you with a personalized and delectable nutrition plan, supplemented by key health components like behavior modification and exercise. Unlike strict diets that just deny you your favorite foods; MV nutrition plans help you build a comfortable, honest and enjoyable relationship with healthy eating. 


    Created by Registered Dietitian and Official Spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, Manuel Villacorta, Eating Free is a plan that starts with a basic truth: our bodies need fuel to survive and function optimally. Besides that, eating is one of life's great pleasures. With these two ideas in mind, Manuel created Eating Free to educate everyone about how to eat wisely for weight loss while enjoying every bite.



    You can have well balanced and nutritious meals in minutes. EatFitSF is putting the HEALTHY in TAKE-OUT. Get the freshest and most delicious variety of food daily! EatFitSF takes pride in offering organic, low-fat, low-calorie and NUTRITIOUS food for the taking. When you’re living a hectic lifestyle, there is no need to sacrifice your health with unhealthy food choices. At EatFitSF you can eat “healthy-on-the-run”. Every entrée will dazzle your senses; taste, comfort, pleasure, mouthwatering aromas and visually appealing. All of this while your body will be getting the nutrients and energy it needs.

    EatFitSF's meals are available weekly at DIAKADI.