Body Fat & Cardio Tests


    DIAKADI is excited to provide the advanced Tanita bio-electric impedance body analysis tool for our trainers and clients. Instead of simply relying on weight, age and gender, Tanita's formula takes into account a client’s hydration level, providing a higher level of accuracy in when monitoring changes to a client’s body composition. 

    Cost of Test | Free to DIAKADI Clients. $25 for Community

  • ESD: V02 TEST

    ESD is an iMett/Indirect VO2 Test performed by Tom Armenta or Jon De La Torre that evaluates and monitors aerobic fitness by determining each individual's anaerobic threshold and VO2.

    The test takes about 30 minutes to complete with 15 minutes of actual work on a treadmill. The test can be administered with a walking protocol or a running protocol. After the test you will have accurate heart rate training zones and, depending on your fitness goals, the appropriate program will be prescribed.  

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